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How to Apply

New volunteer application & training process coming July 1st, 2017! Stay tuned!



Volunteers Are the Heart of 4-H

Inspiring young minds to think critically and creatively.. Witnessing the tears of a victory.. Receiving a thank-you hug for years of caring..  Even a simple smile on a young person's face is often enough to remind 4-H volunteers of the good they are doing.

There are more than 20,000 adult volunteers in California, and 518,000 volunteers nation-wide.  Supported by 4-H staff, these volunteers help youth develop into responsible, self-directed, productive citizens of the world. 


Volunteer leaders are a key component of the 4-H program, which focuses on citizenship, leadership, and life skills development using a "learn-by-doing" educational model. 4-H is unique in its pursuit of effective youth-adult partnerships. These partnerships ensure that both youth and adults grow together in shared responsibility and decision-making. This 4-H volunteer echoes a common sentiment, stating, "As a 4-H leader, I have truly received as much from the program as my children have."

In addition to making a difference in the lives of young people, volunteers have many opportunities for their own personal and professional development through the 4-H Youth Development Program. As one volunteer said, "The most memorable aspect of being a 4-H volunteer leader is the quality of the 4-H program as an education vehicle.  I grew in self confidence and have since gone back to school to complete a Masters degree and teaching credential."

No matter your background or expertise, you can join the 4-H community.  As a parent, a project leader, or in any other leadership capacity, you can offer your unique talents and perspectives.

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