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Food Fiesta- January 27th, 2018

What is Food Fiesta?

What is Food Fiesta?

Food Fiesta is a competition, however it is not a typical competition where participants are judged against one another. During Food Fiesta, participants are individually judged against a standard. This means that everyone could receive a blue ribbon if everyone did an outstanding job and received high points from the judges. It is likely that first time participants will still be developing their skills. Feedback is given to encourage growth and thus members who have participated in prior Food Fiestas will likely see improvement in their scores each time they participate. There is no best of show in Food Fiesta. Food Fiesta is a positive event where camaraderie and mutual support between participants is encouraged.



The development of essential life skills is an important characteristic of 4-H programming. In Food Fiesta, participants are developing their interviewing skills. Although job interviewing may be far in their future, 4-H members may have interviews as youth when applying to be babysitters, assistants in religious schools, camp counselors in training, community volunteers, for leadership roles, etc.  Past participants in Food Fiesta have expressed that they have improved in their presentation skills and have become more confident in small group speaking.  So come to Food Fiesta to present your food, and know that it isn’t just cooking skills that are being cultivated!


Food Fiesta Challenge: Will you take the Taste Test?

Does food taste the same if you haven’t seen it yet?  Before you have the preconception of what it might taste like.  This blind taste testing activity for children is a sensory fun guessing game that explores this question.  Without your sense of sight, can you identify foods based upon taste only?  Do you think it makes them taste different.  A taste testing activity is always lots of fun.  Honestly, who doesn’t jump at an opportunity to nibble on different foods.  Ok, there are kids who wont try new foods. This blindfolded experiment is a great way to get reluctant eaters trying new stuff.  And because it is a fun sensory game, they might be more open minded.  Come join the fun at Food Fiesta and see how well your 4-H member can do at identifying Foods they have tasted.

 Some example of types of Food to be tasted may be:

  • Pear
  • Marshmallow
  • Nutri-Grain Cereal
  • Chocolate
  • An Anchovy Stuffed Olive
  • A frozen Pea
  • A piece of vintage Cheese
  • Banana Slice

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Saturday, January 27th @ 9am (interview times will be emailed to members the week before the event)

UC South Coast Research & Extension Center

7601 Irvine Blvd

Irvine, CA 92618


Fee: $5 (Made payable day of the event) 

Who is eligible to enter?
Members enrolled in projects related to food/cooking projects. Members not currently enrolled in a food project must verify they've viewed the required Safe Serve food handling videos.

About the theme

Dining Through the Decade: Iconic Dishes Defining an Era

In the culinary culture of America, decades can easily be defined by popular dishes of the era. As much as cronuts and bacon-wrapped everything define the 2000's, dishes like chicken a la king and  tuna noodle casserole defined the 1920's and 1950's respectively. 

In this year's theme, members are encouraged to research popular, iconic American recipes. Have fun researching and exploring the food fads of generations past and be prepared to share your dish and new found knowledge of its history!

Food Fiesta 2018 Guidelines

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