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This page to highlights State & County Incentives & Recognition opportunities.

Orange County Emerald Star Award

High school age and older members are encouraged to work in a more independent environment.  Older members that have developed skills can share them with younger members.  Teens are seen working on projects more independently; developing, implementing and evaluating their leadership plans, and providing information and resources to others in the program.  At this level, there needs to be guidelines, general direction, and assistance, but highly independent and individualized plans and programs.  The plan of proposed leadership should be offered on a multi-club basis, in the community, or in the area.  

Emerald Star is a rank awarded for a planned leadership activity implemented within the 4-H program or within the community.  The Emerald Star is separate from any other star rank.  It has been designed to give members a chance to plan and execute a goal from beginning to end.  The Emerald Star is for members 14 years of age or older as of December 31 of the current program year, and hold the gold star rank, but do not yet hold the All-Star rank. 

Orange County Emerald Star Application
Emerald Star Report Guidelines


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