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This page to highlights State & County Incentives & Recognition opportunities.

Orange County Emerald Star Award

The Orange County 4-H Emerald Star program is designed for senior 4-H members, 14 years of age or older as of December 31 of the current program year,.

In general, the Emerald Star project's purpose includes:

1. Providing an opportunity for 4-H members to develop projects in 4-H or their community beyond the club level

2. Improving, creating, and expanding 4-H programs

3. Helping individual 4-H members grow and improve in the areas of organization, leadership, and project planning

4. Providing another opportunity for 4-H members to develop and apply leadership and planning skills required to apply for an All Star County Ambassador position.

This program is designed to help youth learn about project planning, organization, and presentation. Typically, youth develop an action plan for some type of multi-club event. They then organize and facilitate this event. After completion and presentation of their project, they are awarded with the 4-H Emerald Star ranking.

Interested in pursuing an Emerald Star project?

See the following document for more details.


Emerald Star Guidelines & Application


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